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Safe, comfortable ear wax removal

Tough, impacted ear wax/cerumen can be almost impossible to remove yourself. It can also be a pretty miserable experience as anyone who suffers can testify to. At Primary Response Medical Services based in Driffield we're here to help.


Microsuction using a Microscope

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Mobile ear wax removal service in Scarborough

I can't hear properly - could this be impacted ear wax?

Yes, it could be impacted ear wax. Some people suffer more with this problem than others and find wax builds up over time to the extent where it affects your hearing. Using a microscope, we'll assess the levels of wax in your ear prior to the procedure just in case it's something you should be seeking help from your GP with.

How does microsuction work?

Rather than the alternative method of ear irrigation (using high-pressure water to flush the ear out), we use a microscope to look inside the ear canal and assess the wax before gently and painlessly removing it using a suction device. We always recommend that you soften the wax prior to the removal to make it easier. Harder and larger build-ups can be made much more comfortable using this method.

Fully mobile, covering East Yorkshire

Visiting a clinic to have your ear wax removed can be a time consuming and costly hassle, especially if you live rurally. Primary response Medical Services are fully mobile. Our team are all medically trained and insured and will save you the stress of reaching a clinic. We cover a 100-mile radius from our base including Scarborough, Hull and York.



How can I care for my ears at home?

Although some people can't avoid the build-up of wax in their ears, there are general tips we can offer on caring for your ears safely:

  • Never use cotton buds to clean out your ears as this can cause damage and infection.

  • Avoid poking, scratching and general fiddling inside your ear as this can contribute to a build-up of wax and ear infections.

  • Keep your ears clean by gently cleansing them outside and behind with an alcohol-free wipe.

I wear a hearing aid - can I still have microsuction treatment?

Yes, you can but we'd recommend that you clean the mould daily in warm soapy water during your course of treatment. You could also benefit from a mould which is vented. This allows air to flow and may help prevent the build-up of wax in the first place. Speak to your hearing aid provider for further assistance and advice.

What is ear wax?

Ear wax is the protective substance which your body produces naturally to protect your inner ear. It blocks foreign bodies, infection and bacteria and lubricates your external ear canal. Your body naturally dispels it but sometimes it's over produced and builds up needing a nudge to move it along. You can use drops of olive or almond oil to soften it but when it gets too much that's where professional intervention is required. 

What are the symptoms of an ear wax build-up?


This list gives you an idea of what symptoms you might expect to experience if you have a build-up of ear wax:

  • Earache

  • Hearing loss

  • Tinnitus - being able to hear sounds from inside your body

  • Itchy ears - both inside and around the ear

  • Vertigo or dizziness

  • Ear infections


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